Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes you get lucky

I am currently in Des Moines for work, and going back home tomorrow.  Instead of taking myself out to the nice-but-pricey restaurant I had been considering, I went to Half-Price Books in West Des Moines to see what they might have.

I found THIS:                                              

...for THIS price:

Made of win, I tell you.  Definitely.


  1. Great find! I bought a later printing on eBay this year and probably paid almost 10 times that much!

    1. I had seen similar prices and so was surprised and pleased to be able to obtain it for the price I did.

  2. After a friend of mine found a fairly complete set of OD&D supplements as well as other rare stuff, I decided to keep a closer watch on what could be found at the local Half Price Bookstore.

  3. I might still have the perfect bound version of that. I haven't seen it for awhile though. I love the black hobbits.

  4. I've been delving at HPB for 15 years.