Friday, June 26, 2009

Three *really* little books

Sometime in the past decade - probably about seven or eight years ago - WOTC decided to bring out miniature versions of various AD&D and D&D books. I picked up the three core books for AD&D 1st Edition. I kept them in my desk in grad school, apparently hoping for the spontaneous lunch session game with my fellow grad students (didn't happen).

They languished as I stopped gaming altogether during my dissertation writing period, and eventually sat in a box, altogether forgotten. Then, just the other day, I ran across them again as I was searching for something else. Despite the micro-miniature font size (a magnifying plastic ruler took care of that), I found myself thinking "hey, if you needed gaming supplies for a bug-out bag, these would be great!" Sanity slowly returned, and I got to thinking about them, and an internet search revealed this (scroll down to see the entire set).

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm Back

Something of an unintended vacation took place over the past month. Between end-of-semester grading and then going to WisCon, I found myself for little time for the Old School Movement. It didn't help matters that my weekly game on Monday afternoons had to shut down due to schedule changes for my players. But it's June, and I am picking things back up.