Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Appeal to the Internet Fount of Wisdom

Back in the late '70's and into the '80's there was a series of D&D ads that appeared in comic books and elsewhere.  I never paid much attention to them, but I know they were part of what got people into the hobby.  Now, however, I find myself curious about the ads and the characters depicted - for some reason, I associated them with Holmes and possibly Moldvay Basic - but I've been unable to find them on a quick Google-search, which is frustrating.  I know about the ads with Grimblade, Saren, Indel and Valerius, but I clearly remember a different set of characters in a different set of ads.  Can the internet Fount of Wisdom help me out here?


  1. These?

  2. Or maybe these?

  3. Some Useless, Some Repeats, Some Worthwhile?

    Random Google Image Search:

    For Levity's Sake:

  4. The Kuronons link did it; the others I had seen before. Revisiting some of them was...mildly painful, though also quite funny.

    Lqqkout - thanks for the Something Awful link; I liked a fair number of them!